Spatchcocking?. . . Sounds Painful

So I heard this was the best way to cook chicken and for Thanksgiving an amazing way to cook a turkey. If you want to smoke the bird it’s gotta be on the smaller side.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, I want to smoke not one, but TWO turkeys. So I will be in search of 10-12lb. birds.

History. . . I came up with the term 50/50 bird. What did I mean by this? 3-4 hours in the smoker with a 13-15lb. bird, then 5-7 minutes in the fryer to crisp up the skin and seal in that smoky goodness.

No, I’m not nuts, I didn’t spend fifty bucks on five gallons of peanut oil just to drop a bird in there for a whole 5 minutes. I also completely fried a bird. . . you do have to love a quick cooked Turkey. Then I filtered the oil when it cooled down and my son took the oil to his friends house for their Thanksgiving Dinner where they would fry up two more turkeys.

Back to Spatchcocking. . .

Taco Tuesday

Yup, somebody came up with this phrase and it stuck so we’re going with it.
No longer the “ground beef taco with the Shilling seasoning packet”. Ohh No, people are firing up the smoker with pork butts and shoulders for pulled pork tacos, throwing fish into the smoker for a quick cold smoke for smoked fish tacos. They’re breaking out the 18” pan and some RedBeards Banging Butter and sautéing shrimp for shrimp tacos. One of my favorites is marinated flank steak (or skirt steak) for home made asada tacos. I could gone on and on so let’s get to the secret sauce.


Thermogenesis. . . How is that for your word of the day? This is the fancy term for your inner thermostat being turned up a few degrees.
Gee thanks for the big word, but wait a minute. . . I’m not only here to improve your vocabulary. I’m here to reveal some benefits you might not know about hot sauces. For starters, by raising your core temperature you will be able to continue to burn calories and fat even after you are done eating. (Who needs a tread mill?)


We are BBQ and Smoking Fanatics…our neighbors are always asking “What are you making that smells so good?!”
Nothing tastes as good as something cooked over an open flame. So I asked myself, “Why not Jalapeño and Habanero peppers?”
So we did just that and the result was RedBeards Fire Roasted Hot Sauces. Layers and Layers of flavor with that kick you’d expect and want from a quality hot sauce. A hot sauce that good and flavorful should not be enjoyed by just me and my neighbors, but should sit on the table of every restaurant.


Says who?
I love to smoke, I have tried numerous brands. I like mesquite and pecan wood chips and
on lighter days apple and hickory chips work perfectly.
Oh, you thought this blog was going to be about that other habit. My habit is wood! Well, and
meat and pork and chicken and cheese. . . hey don't forget fish.


Handcrafted seems to be the new term now a days. What is so special about hand crafted?
We believe its the time, the love and the care that goes into creating something unique. In our case, we feel we’ve created one of the best tasting hot sauces on the market. Years in the making, pouring our hearts into each batch, we invented RedBeards so that you can put it on every forkful of food you eat. You can mix with other ingredients and even other products that are lacking that flavor and a kick you desire.


So you are up late for whatever reason. . . Party, Work, School and you need food to fuel up for your endeavor. You ask yourself, “What can I make that tastes great, is quick to make and will feed me and my friends/co-workers?”

RedBeards Bean n’ Cheese Burritos. That’s what. Yummy!
Unbelievably simple to make and so dang tasty.


I love to fish, especially Big Game Fish, Tuna, Marlin, Big DoDo’s and Wahoo. A group of us would go down to the east cape of Baja every fall for seven days and fish five of those days. It’s a beautiful area off the east cape where you head out early in the morning for a long boat ride to chase the tuna. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, you turn the corner and there is a striper finning.