Wings were the first thing we ever cooked once we had mastered the RedBeards Hot Sauce recipe. Cooking 50lbs. of wings to feed family and friends on a week night and then getting requests to make it again and again was all the encouragement we needed to bottle RedBeards Hot Sauce. Now you can make wings for your family and friends. . . just keep coming back to use for the RedBeards.


I enjoy both barbecuing and smoking ribs. Right now I am in my sweet, smoky and sticky phase. This peach jam recipe makes my mouth water as I sit here typing. For hours the house is filled with an amazing aroma while the smoker is running. Then the bbq gets fired up and we get some char on those ribs followed by me applying the glaze again and again and again. Once you eat just one rib you find yourself licking your fingers again and again and again.


Nothing brings back memories of fishing the East Cape of Baja than a RedBeards Refreshing Bloody Mary. It was hot and humid and nothing quenched our thirst but, an ice cold Bloody Mary. So we adapted the East Cape recipe and “Made it Better” by adding our RedBeards Hot Sauce! A cool way to start your morning or end your day of fishing!


RedBeards Hot Sauce makes Guacamole POP! This zesty recipe has the most refreshing taste with that little kick that makes you want more. I made a triple batch on our last family vacation. Went to check the bbq and came back to an empty bowl! The chef got one chip’s worth. . . (Note to self): Put some in a separate bowl for the chef before serving the family!

RedBeards Creamy Clam Chowder

“Is there a time of year for clam chowder?” “A season for clam chowder?”
Here at RedBears Hot Sauce we say “Nope!”
“Why?”… you ask. Because it is Clam Chowder! Delicious any time of the year. But, we understand that for most clam chowder represents a comfy wool sweater for your stomach. Now that winter is around the corner we wanted to bring you a simple one pot recipes that is warm, silky smooth, full of flavor and with RedBeards Hot Sauce this anytime classic is even better!


Time for smoked meats. A couple at the same time. Pork and chicken. Fire up the smoker with your favorite light wood. You do not want a heavy smoke for this mouth watering meal. Get your smoker to 275 and be patient. Check your internal temperatures regularly. Use Mexican cola to keep the pork moist and baste it with the glaze as they get closer to being done.


These Buttery-Garlic Edamame are the perfect snack or appetizer that can be on the table in 10 minutes or less. Our RedBeards Sauce perfectly coats the edamame accompanied by our No.8 Rub, making this an incredibly addicting (healthy might I add) snack.