1 Can Refrigerated Pizza Dough

12 Eggs

Pre-cooked Bacon or Sausage

3 Cups Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese

Green Onion Thinly Chopped

Olive Oil

RedBeards No.8 Dry Rub

Shallow Baking Pan with Lip

Preheat oven as instructed on the package of dough

Spray baking pan with cooking spray

Spread dough evenly on the pan and fold edges to make a crust

Brush Olive oil onto the crust of the pizza dough

Scramble eggs with RedBeards No.8 Dry Rub and spread over the dough evenly

Scatter Pre-cooked  bacon or sausage over egg mixture

Sprinkle cheese over the egg and meat combination

Bake, as indicated on the dough package, or until crust is golden brown

Once baked let the pie cool and cut it into squares

Finish with thinly chopped green onions and RedBeards Jalapeño Hot Sauce