Mouth watering hot sauces & rub that tickle your tongue. “Go Ahead & Load Your Cart… It will ALL ship for FREE!”*



Flavorful. Not Painful. Hand-Crafted Sauces.

• Tangy in the front AND Flavor-Layered in the back. . . It’s Fire Roasted Jalapeño made Louisiana style, ready to make your taste buds tingle and take your next meal up a notch!

• Get your Rub on. . . everything! Sugar free, gluten free No. 8 Dry Rub is earthy and herby – Shake it on beef, poultry, pork, fish, eggs, and veggies. One taste will get you asking “What else can I put it on?”

• Habanero without the pain? Yep! Fire Roasted Habanero to get your taste buds fired up – with flavor, not excruciating pain. Mouth watering, not eye watering. Are you up to the flavor challenge?

Your next BBQ Party is calling your name and it said to bring RedBeards.



• One Fire Roasted Jalapeño – Louisiana Style sauce with that vinegar tang up front followed by layers of flavor and that Jalapeño kick.
“Voted #1 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce” – 2021 SCOVI AWARDS
• One Fire Roasted Habanero – This hand crafted, fire roasted Habanero Hot Sauce gives you a distinctive floral taste and heat.
• One No.8 Dry Rub – This hand crafted, rub in the Kitchen, on the BBQ, or even as a Dry Brine will delight your palate.
• Comes in a custom REDBeards Box.

NO Preservatives, NO Artificial Colors or Flavors, Gluten FREE


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I collect hot sauce like some people collect shoes. I love heat, but need flavor with the spice. RedBeards definitely delivers!
– – @beachgirlsgrills

Grilled cheese for breakfast. This is a must Filled with queso Oaxaca, crispy bacon and delicious RedBeards Jalapeño Hot Sauce to make it exciting. I’m sorry that I’ve ruined your bowl of oatmeal.
– – @chilesandsmoke

Found these gems at the Vegan Fair. Just the right amount of kick with tons of flavor! Vegan, gluten free, no sugars. Really good!
– – @notricksalltreats

No. 8 is my GO TO for Tri Tip and Short Ribs!
– – Phil G.