About RedBeards

Welcome to RedBeards…a Hot Sauce made with the love of the aged cayenne pepper mash sauces that got us all craving these sauces on everything from breakfast to dinner…and yes even some of us for dessert too!

RedBeards has been being made for family and friends for over 12 years.

It all started when a family friend brought over 5 pounds of Habanero peppers and said…”Do Something With These!”…what do you do with 5 pounds of fresh Habanero Peppers?….that would be gallons of salsa… and a full fridge and an upset wife because the fridge was full of salsa.

So…I was smoking pork butts for the weekend so I tossed them into the smoker…oh my…they caramelized….sweet heat I thought…ok now what?

Then it hit me…lets make hot sauce and wings to go with the pulled pork sandwiches.

This started a tradition at the house..which grew to me making upwards of 50 pounds of wings and feeding an army of hot sauce addicts.

The sauce we came up with has heat but not that 3 am I hate you burn or worse… that morning burn…yes you know which one I am talking about… the one that requires a frozen washcloth to put out the flames

So, for the next 10 years my wife and I perfected the recipe and during that time all we heard was…”Why is this not in stores?” “It is better than anything we have tasted”

So…we purchase an interest in a wing restaurant and the bottles go on the tables…the sauce goes on the menu and RedBeards becomes a hit instantly. Our flask stands out on table tops…the logo pops and is catchy to the eye and the sauce tastes incredible on everything

Our #1 Appetizer in the restaurant?… Honey Habanero Pulled Pork Fries… RedBeards Habanero Sauce mixed with Honey/Smokey BBQ sauce … toss the pulled pork in the sauce and serve over french fries…to die for

Then we get approval to sell to the public and here we are today.

So, Welcome…please give it a try…take part in the raffle for a Free Bottle…join the recipe contest and share your creative ideas with the World.

We Hope You Enjoy RedBeards As Much As We Enjoy Making It For You!

Carolyn and Sean