Baby Back Ribs On A Spoon

Baby Back Ribs On A Spoon

This is a simple way to get the most out of your baby back ribs on a spoon purchase...on a grill

Season the ribs with RedBeards #8 dry rub at least the night before preferably 24 hours before

Fire up the grill get it hot please create a cool zone to place the ribs

Note, if needed cut the racks in half and stack the half racks so they baste in their own fat....rotate the stack every 10 minutes or so until they are done and ready to baste.

If you like a little char on your ribs flip them onto the heat for a quick char and shut off the grill...or if using charcoal or chunks move the ribs back to the cool zone

Determine how much Veterans Q bbq sauce you are going to need to baste these ribs....pour that amount plus a little more into a one quart pan and drizzle in the RedBeards hot sauce until you get that balance of spicy and can also add a little more of the #8 rub to give it a more savory flavor too.

now that the grill is off...Baste the ribs generously and close the lid...walk away for at least 5-7 minutes...let the sauce work its magic and make a beautiful glaze on these some sauce for dipping...because who doesn't like to dip their ribs in More Sauce before eating them????

This will work for chicken and pork also

With a pork tenderloin...use the saved portion to pour over the sliced tenderloin before serving.

Enjoy! And Thank You from us at RedBeards and From the Veterans Q Crew for supporting the Veterans

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