So you are up late for whatever reason. . . Party, Work, School and you need food to fuel up for your endeavor. You ask yourself, “What can I make that tastes great, is quick to make and will feed me and my friends/co-workers?”

RedBeards Bean n’ Cheese Burritos. That’s what. Yummy!

Unbelievably simple to make and so dang tasty.

Take a 16 oz. can of refried beans and put it in a pot, add one tablespoon of sour cream and 2-3 tablespoons of RedBeards Hot Sauce. Warm slowly and stir often to combine all the ingredients.

While the beans are warming, break out the 12 inch tortillas. Yes, 12 inch tortillas.
WHY? Because you have the midnight munchies!
You don’t want some wimpy little burrito do you?! Go BIG or go to bed!!

I like to light another burner or the griddle to warm the tortillas while the beans are cooking. And, here’s a free tip: they fold much easier when they are warm.

Lay the warm tortilla on the plate. Take a large spoon. Why a large spoon? Because you have the midnight munchies! When the beans are warm all the way through spread those RedBeard Refried Beans over the bottom 1/3 of that tortilla, smother the beans with shredded cheese and pour RedBeards Hot Sauce from left to right over the cheese. (Or if you’d prefer, wait and add the RedBeards Hot Sauce as you take each bit).

Roll the tortilla over starting with the bean side, after you have rolled the tortilla over the beans, fold in both ends in and continue rolling (Don’t want and beans dripping on your pajamas now, do you?!).

Once you have your burrito assembled, grab a drink and a napkin/paper towel and get ready to indulge yourself in an incredible Midnight Munchie! You’re mouth will thank you later.

Carolyn and Sean

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