Says who?

I love to smoke, I have tried numerous brands. I like mesquite and pecan wood chips and
on lighter days apple and hickory chips work perfectly.

Oh, you thought this blog was going to be about that other habit. My habit is wood! Well, and
meat and pork and chicken and cheese. . . hey don’t forget fish.

Did i mention my new smoker can cold smoke. OMG! I am so happy. I just made smoked
Gouda that just gets a huge: YA’ BABY!! Okay, enough of the abbreviations.

What I’m trying to say is that I can smoke and marinate whatever I’d like with RedBeards Hot Sauce. I might even choose to fabricate a basting sauce with RedBeards Hot Sauce as one of the major ingredients, or, how about I make finishing sauces like a RedBeards Creme Fresh to go on the smoked fish tacos. The creations are endless.

You’re asking, “Hey, is that recipe on the website?”

Come back soon and check it out with some other amazing recipes. . .

If you hadn’t already guessed, we love chicken wings. So, if you want to make mouth-watering wings, here’s what you gotta do:

Take 5-10 pounds of chicken wings, place them in a bowl and lightly pour RedBeards over the wings, just a little bit to start with. Massage the RedBeards Hot Sauce into the wings and add a little more sauce if you need to. Put them in the fridge over night to let the RedBeards penetrate into the chicken. Take the wings out the next day and let them come to room temperature. Fire up your smoker to 275 degrees and load up the shelves smoke them for
about an hour and a half. The internal temp should be around 165-170 depending upon how big and fat and juicy your wings are when you started.

Pull your wings out and put them in a bowl.

Find our recipes for our savory RedBeards Wing Sauce in the recipe section of our website and pour the sauce over the wings. Give them a toss! Careful not to toss them on the floor and don’t forget some fresh French Bread to soak up all the sauce at the end. My taste buds are tingling already.

Carolyn and Sean

P.S. Smoked meats will be coming soon too!

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