Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

Yup, somebody came up with this phrase and it stuck so we’re going with it.

No longer the “ground beef taco with the Shilling seasoning packet”. Ohh No, people are firing up the smoker with pork butts and shoulders for pulled pork tacos, throwing fish into the smoker for a quick cold smoke for smoked fish tacos. They’re breaking out the 18” pan and some RedBeards Banging Butter and sautéing shrimp for shrimp tacos. One of my favorites is marinated flank steak (or skirt steak) for home made asada tacos. I could gone on and on so let’s get to the secret sauce.

How can any or all of these be made even better? Serve them with RedBeards! That final drizzle over the top of any taco just pushes the flavor scale to MAX! So how about some quick ideas for Taco Tuesday? Here ya’ go. . .

Ground Floor. . . Sauté ground beef with salt and pepper, stir in some RedBeards Hot Sauce a little or a lot (it’s a personal preference). Feeding a big family or family and friends? Make the RedBeards Midnight Munchies Beans to accompany these beefy tacos. Warm the shells (flour or corn), place a layer of beans in the bottom, then a layer of beef, some shredded lettuce, some shredded cheese, a spoonful or two of RedBeards Zesty Guacamole and you have a quick, filling meal. Don’t forget to put a bottle of RedBeards on the table for everyone to enjoy on their tacos and burritos.

Next level. . . Off to the store, get their pre-marinated carne asada. Confirm that it has been marinated with orange and lime. This meat will cook quickly so make sure the other ingredients are ready to go before putting the meat on the grill. Assemble your tacos by first warming your tortillas, adding the asada, then a layer of guacamole, some diced onion and diced tomato topped off with some RedBeards Hot Sauce!

Going up. . . It’s time to Fire Up the Smoker! The night before you plan to smoke, use your favorite dry rub or make your own dry rub and pack it onto the pork butt/shoulder. Place the meat in the fridge to allow it to the flavor to soak into the pork all night long.

Get up early and fire up your smoker. You have to be realistic here. . . if you have a stick burner or electric smoker you can pretty much cook the entire pork butt/shoulder in your smoker.

If you are running a gas smoker you’ll have to follow these steps…

3 hours at 325° misting occasionally with your apple juice/apple cider vinegar mix (I use straight apple juice).

Pull the pork butt/ shoulder and wrap it in foil and place it in a pre-heated oven at 325° for 4 hours or more. Please make sure to place the beautiful meat on a cooking sheet in case the foil leaks.

Check in at the 4 hour mark, if the meat falls apart when you take it out, it’s ready to pull.

Drain the Jeu into a pot or bowl (it should smell amazing). Yes, you are going to use it.

Pull the pork and place on a platter, take a couple of ladel-fulls of the Jeu and spill it over the pork to add seasoned smoky flavor goodness.

Load the pork into warm taco shells, add shredded cabbage for crunch, a fresh pico de gallo and put a bottle of RedBeards Hot Sauce on the table because fire roasted hot sauce and smoked meats were made for each other!

Next floor please. . . If you can cold smoke; smoke some Yellowtail, Tuna or Mahi-Mahi. Break the smoked fish when the smoking is complete. Place a good serving of fish in a warm tortilla, give it a drizzle of RedBeards Crema, add a quick squeeze of lime for brightness and top with shredded lettuce or cabbage. Finely chopped cilantro brings the whole thing together for a traditional south of the border taste. Bring out the RedBeards Hot Sauce because as i said before, RedBeards goes great with smoked food.

Penthouse. . . Sauté some garlic in an 18” pan with olive oil and RedBeards Banging Butter. Toss in your shrimp (16-20 med. sized shrimp works well here – even a little smaller is okay). Shells on will get you more flavor, but it means you are peeling hot shrimp before you eat. I don’t mind peeling hot shrimp ‘cause those who know me know I love flavor. . . the work is worth it.

Keep this one simple: shredded cabbage, diced cilantro, a little RedBeards Crema (optional), lime wedges to squeeze over the shrimp and of course RedBeards Hot Sauce. . . wait for it. . . because RedBeards Makes It Better!

Make some tacos and take some pictures. . . share recipes with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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